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Offering our community health services since 1988.

Riggs Community Health Center is one of over 8,000 community health centers nationwide. Community Health Centers save the national health care system between $9.9 billion and $17.6 billion each year by helping patients avoid emergency rooms and offering preventative care. The Community Health Center model of health care is patient focused, coordinated, and proven to yield better health outcomes, remove barriers to needed care, minimize health disparities, and lower overall costs. From 1999 to 2013, annual patient visits at Riggs CHC increased from 21,041 to 38,993.

We would like to thank you, the community, and our donors for your generous support throughout the years. All of us at Riggs CHC look forward to continuing to work with our community partners as we increase services to those in need. If you would like to learn more about the Center or would like a tour please contact Shelley Krise, Executive Assistant, at (765) 429-2776 or mdickey@riggshealth.com

Riggs Mission:

To improve access to quality, cost effective, comprehensive health care with respect and compassion to under-served community members.

Riggs Vision:

100% access with zero health disparities through innovative health services and community partnerships.

Riggs Values

Respect – We treat our patients and each other with dignity.
Integrity & Honesty – We are truthful and ethical in our daily actions.
Generosity – We provide services to others in need, with kindness and compassion.
Guaranteed Quality – We strive for improvements and desire healthy outcomes in our patient care.
Stewardship – All resources, including staff, supplies, and funding are managed responsibly.

One of over 8,000 community health centers nationwide.

Riggs Community Health Center Leadership


Dr. McQuade-Jones, DNP, FNP-C, MSN

President and Chief Executive Officer

April Fife, FNP-C, MSN

Chief Clinical Officer

Kim Dowell

Chief Financial Officer

Randy Hountz

Chief Operations Officer

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