Prenatal Women's Care

Here at Riggs we know how important women’s health is, not only for each woman as an individual, but also when it comes to family planning, pregnancy and raising a family. At minimum, women should visit the doctor on an annual basis. Our wide range of women’s medical services, in addition to community education and outreach programs, help make sure you have the resources you need to stay healthy. Listed below are some examples of the services that we provide:

○ Pelvic exams
○ Pap smears and follow up procedures for abnormal results
○ Colposcopy
○ Clinical breast exams
○ Prenatal Visits
○ Birth Control Consultation

For more information, or to schedule an appointment call (765)742-1567 and select option #6.

Prenatal and Women's Health Location and Hours of Service

Riggs CHC
2316 South Street (3rd Floor)
Lafayette, IN 47905

Monday: 8-5:30
Tuesday: 8-5:30
Wednesday: 8-5:30
Thursday: 8-5:30
Friday: 8-5:30
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Prenatal and Women's Health Providers